Selling A Property

Get a Contract for Sale before you list a property.

Getting your property on the market is your first priority and to do this you need a Contract for Sale containing the three required searches. (It is an offence under NSW Law to list your property without a Contract).

Once a Purchaser offers a price and you accept same, there are 2 ways the sale can proceed:

Method 1 - A Cooling Off Period 

The Contract is exchanged (dated) by the Agent and the Purchaser pays a 0.25% deposit. This takes the property off the market and allows the Purchaser time to obtain any inspection reports and their loan approval before they are locked in. If the Purchaser pulls out, they forfeit the 0.25% to you. A purchaser is not locked into the Contract until the Cooling Off Period expires.

Method 2 - Unconditional Exchange 

The agent will forward the details of the sale to us. The property will stay on the market until the Contract is exchanged (dated). At this stage, we issue a Contract to the Purchaser. The Purchaser will now obtain any inspection reports and loan approval. Once they are satisfied with all the results, they then forward their Contract to us to exchange (date) and pay their 10% deposit. They are unconditionally locked into the Contract.

Once the Contract is unconditionally exchanged, we liaise with the necessary parties/organisations in readiness for settlement. The day of settlement, usually 6 weeks from the date of the Contracts, is when the transaction between yourself and the Purchaser is finalised. Our service and support don’t just end once settlement has occurred. If you have any post-settlement enquiries or issues, we provide you with the assistance you need right to the very end.

One Fixed Fee

At Smythe Wozniak Lawyers, we offer a fixed price fee so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are up for from the very start.

Our fixed price fee includes the following:

  • Ordering all the required searches & reports for the Contract
  • Preparing the Contract and issuing the same to the Agent/s of your choice
  • Liaising with your Agent/s throughout the conveyance
  • Attending to the exchange of the Contract
  • Preparing all the necessary post-exchange documents
  • Liaising with all parties/organisations in readiness for settlement
  • Arranging and attending settlement
  • Post-settlement requirements

Extra Information

If you wish to obtain a quote for our fixed price fees, please contact one of our friendly staff in our Conveyancing Department on (02) 9623 8666 or email us.

Client Appreciation

Social Secretaries

Blacktown & Districts TPI Social and Welfare Club

 “I am writing to thank you for giving your time to attend our meeting last Thursday and for the information you gave about superannuation and wills. Everyone found it very interesting and appreciated your patience with the many questions. You and Michelle make a great team. Once again thank you very much for your time.”

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